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Dr Carey Reams. 1981 March, Advanced AG Seminar


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A year after the first 4 seminars were digitized, edited and indexed, we have had  another seminar digitized and edited but this time SUPER INDEXED into 816 Tracks with a track list word count of over 8000!!!

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Dr Carey Reams (aided by Dr Dan Skow)

1981 March, Advanced AG Seminar

*Track List And Sample Tracks Are Available Below*

The Advanced AG Seminar which was original a 4 day 20 hour seminar, has been edited down to 17 hours and 16 minutes by taking out unnecessary pauses within the speech and other irrelevant audio. The seminar has then been broken up into an 816 tracks, 4 tracks of which are the 20 minutes long morning devotions that Reams always did.

The seminar is now even easier to learn with the accompanying track listings AND far more comprehensive searches can be made of the seminar material. Of course the standard removal of erms, stutters, repetitions and the audio enhancement, including amplification of audience questions, has also been done for this seminar.