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UpH-3 Kit, Non Chemical


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Urea/pH Partial Test Kit - Non Hazardous Chemical

This partial test kit does not contain the hazardous test solutions (NH4 and NO3).

Very Important: You will need to source the missing chemicals locally in order to perform the urea tests. This kit is intended only for customers outside of the continental US. You will not be able to perform the urea tests without these chemicals.

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Urea/pH Partial Test Kit - Non Hazardous Chemical

*This kit has many of the same items as the UpH3 kit, but does not contain the NH4 or NO3 test solutions*

Note to our customers doing the Reams’ test: this kit has the chemicals & labware needed for urea testing EXCEPT the NH4 & NO3 test solutions. In order to perform these tests, you will need to source those test solutions locally. We developed this kits for customers outside of the continental USA, since we are unable to ship the full kit to them.

The Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) can be found here for the Nitrate Test Solution and Ammonia Nitrogen Test Solution. Please familiarize yourself with the proper handling and safety issues involved with these items prior to ordering.

For the other numbers in Reams’ equation, you need a refractometer & a conductivity meter. For better accuracy, a pH meter can be used in place of pH indicators or pH tape.

Kit includes:

  • Set of 4 liquid pH indicators & pH color cards
  • Universal Extracting Solution, 250ml
  • Polyfoam block for holding bottles
  • Porcelain well plate, 12 spot
  • Glass pipettes with rubber bulb, 1 dozen
  • Vials, culture tubes

(Note: the kit pictured is not the actual test kit, please see list above for list of exact contents.)

CAUTION: These tests involve hazardous materials and require laboratory expertise; anyone buying this kit should obtain proper instructions by attending a course or studying a book on this subject such as Biologic Ionization as Applied to Human Nutrition.