About us

Our Company

Pike Agri-Lab Supplies is a family -owned and-run company providing testing supplies and resources for the sustainable agriculture and composting industries. The company is based in a small Maine community with mail order customers throughout the United States, Canada and worldwide.
High quality food does not happen by accident. In order for you to achieve the greatest flavors and the highest nutrient content, you must monitor your crops progress so you can take the guesswork out of farming. Farmers and growers are responsible for the health of our nation. This is why we concentrate on helping you produce top-quality food by providing instruments and resources, that will allow you to analyze your crops and to make better decisions for enhancing your produce.
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Our Goals

Since 1977, we have been dedicated to providing tools and equipment for biological farming. Our main objectives are:
  • to help farmers grow high quality produce
  • to increase the profitability and viability of farms
  • to improve and safeguard the environment
In order to grow the highest quality fruits and vegetables, you must focus on the microbial life in the soil and on meeting the needs of these willing workers. This is what is meant by biological farming, working with the biological life in the soil, instead of trying to force-feed the plants directly.

Microscopic image of microbes in compost (stained to enhance view)

Yellow areas indicate live microbes on the surface of high quality humus particles. (UV -  light microscopic image after staining with acridine orange.)

Our Services

We develop and manufacture here in Maine tools to assist farmers and composters. We can help farmers set up their own test labs, allowing them to perform the quick, simple, in-field tests that are so essential in sustainable agriculture.
We also have a selection of books and audio seminars to help you learn about sustainable agriculture.
Learn how to make high quality compost, the best fertilizer available.
Use our tools to perform soil tests and plant tissue analysis to help you grow high quality crops.
Please email us at info@pikeagri.com to request a free catalog.